Who Hydropak Are

Hydropak, based in Bury, Lancashire are a unique distributor of ready made products for the construction and home improvement markets. Part of the Rakem Group, we share a multimillion pound research facility, and have access to a brand new innovation centre. With expert knowledge and experience of the market we can help you improve products, streamline manufacturing processes or help you launch a brand new product. Hydropak are here to provide solutions. Let us help you today.

What Hydropak Do

From 500ml to IBCs and tankers, Hydropak can cover all requirements. We are leading manufacturers of Private Label construction and home improvement products for some of the UK’s leading brands and retailers. We also distribute European high-performance building chemicals such as readymade fillers and adhesives into the UK Builder’s Merchants. Our marketing team can take an idea to a finished product that will stand out on 1000’s of shelves across the UK and Europe.

Why Choose Hydropak

Hydropak are experts in the construction chemicals industry. With an impressive portfolio of UK and European market leaders, our aim is to help grow already well-established brands, and increase their market share, whilst also bringing innovative products to the market that will benefit the construction industry. Our dedicated team of experts can help diversify your brand, add quality and increase revenue.

Technical Knowledge

Our team of dedicated development chemists have over 50 years’ worth of experience working within the construction chemicals industry.

Industry Expertise

Not only do we keep up with market trends, we often lead them. Alongside trends we ensure we are always up to date with any new laws or regulations effecting the market.

Contract Packing

Our state of the art packaging and bottling plant can handle a variety of liquids and solids to be packed in a size suitable for your requirements.


From the first stages of development we test and reformulate to ensure the highest performance in all products we produce.

Abraham Maslow once said “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail”. At Hydropak we know our customers’ requirements can be uniquely different and hence we employ tailored responses to identify solutions. Our people, appropriate training and equipment are the keys that help us all to succeed.


Brexit Statement

The Rakem Group is a key supplier to many industries. We play a significant role in chemical processing, paint industry, textile fibres, paper, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, inks, cement industry amongst many others.

The majority of our products are produced in the UK for UK customers. Where we do import products and raw materials from mainland Europe and non-EU countries, it is via a well-established process and robust supply chain. We have a number of workstreams considering the various Brexit scenarios and looking at alternative supply options and associated contingency measures to ensure that we will be prepared. We have, in the main, always held and continue to hold significant levels of stock on site and do not work to just-in-time processes. Our relationship and experience with our EU and non-EU suppliers is very longstanding and it is this know-how and capability which will stand us in good stead.

We do not expect that shipping to the UK in a post-Brexit scenario would be significantly more challenging than what is required today when shipping from non-EU countries. However, we are working on plans to mitigate any potential delays in customs clearance when importing products from European countries after Brexit.

The government is currently advising that in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, all goods imported from the EU will be subject to the same requirements as third country goods, including the payment of duty.  The government will determine and publish the new duty rates prior to leaving the EU.  

As the majority of our products are produced and used in the UK, the associated impact of any additional costs related to the payment of tariffs/duties should only impact a relatively small number of our products. However, it will affect the market pricing of some products and the Rakem Group will also need to consider the effect of any exchange rate movements if there is a ‘no deal’ outcome.

Given our focus on UK production and supply, the Rakem Group is likely to be minimally affected by any changes to Freedom of People movement across UK borders that may occur as a result of Brexit. 

We understand that many customers have concerns. We will continue to review our position as more information is provided by the Government. 

At this stage there is no need to change your normal ordering pattern. If this advice changes we will inform you directly. 

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