Become a market leader with Private Label

Whether you’re looking to add to an existing portfolio or want to create a new product line, we not only have the expertise, manufacturing capability and industry knowledge, we are also committed to ensure the longevity of your products from start to finish.

With the ability to customise your label, packaging and formulations we can create a product not only unique to your brand but unique to the market.

Technical Knowledge

Our team of dedicated development chemists have over 50 years’ worth of experience working within the construction chemicals industry.

Industry Expertise

Not only do we keep up with market trends, we often lead them. Alongside trends we ensure we are always up to date with any new laws or regulations effecting the market.

Contract Packing

Our state of the art packaging and bottling plant can handle a variety of liquids and solids to be packed in a size suitable for your requirements.


From the first stages of development we test and reformulate to ensure the highest performance in all products we produce.

Case Study - Liquid Products 

Leading DIY Brand Diversifies Product Range 

A market leader of DIY and construction products in the UK approached us asking to improve their liquid product range. Most of these products are delivery on site or purchased by weekend DIY enthusiasts looking for speed, quality and long-lasting results. They had been receiving several complaints with one fast setting product and asked us for our expert advice. Our team reformulated their product and developed an improved version. When tested against their competition, our updated formulation out performed all other products on the market. We then took on further products in the range to ensure consistency in quality throughout. Sales have improved, and the company has been able to focus on marketing the product rather than manufacturing problems.

Are you struggling with the performance of a product? Let Hydropak provide a solution.

Specify a package size

From 500ml tubes up to IBC's and Tankers, no project is too big or too small.