Our Facilities

In 2017 Hydropak invested in a 1 million pound research and innovation centre. Constantly testing and developing products against other market leaders ensure continuous development, benefiting both our customers and yours.

With a team of dedicated development chemists and research technicians who have worked for a variety of European manufacturers we are able to use their extensive knowledge and develop innovative products for the market.

We encourage our clients to visit our new 25,000 sqft manufacturing plants to gain a feel of their products life cycle before they see it on the shelf.

  • Expert chemists

  • State of the art laboratories

  • Leading innovations

  • Over 50 years industry experience

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Our Marketing

Working alongside or research and development team is our marketing power house who travel around the world studying to the market, to provide new product ideas, market analysis and packaging design updates.

Our team can take your idea from a sketch on paper to a brand in nationwide stores. Ensuring your brands identify remains throughout the process.

  • Market Research Experts

  • Graphic Design Support

  • Social Media Creation

  • Over 30 years industry experience

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Why Choose Hydropak

Hydropak are experts in the construction chemicals industry. With an impressive portfolio of UK and European market leaders, our aim is to help grow already well-established brands, and increase their market share, whilst also bringing innovative products to the market that will benefit the construction industry. Our dedicated team of experts can help diversify your brand, add quality and increase revenue.

Technical Knowledge

Our team of dedicated development chemists have over 50 years’ worth of experience working within the construction chemicals industry.

Industry Expertise

Not only do we keep up with market trends, we often lead them. Alongside trends we ensure we are always up to date with any new laws or regulations effecting the market.

Contract Packing

Our state of the art packaging and bottling plant can handle a variety of liquids and solids to be packed in a size suitable for your requirements.


From the first stages of development we test and reformulate to ensure the highest performance in all products we produce.

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