Wallpaper Pastes

Regardless of room size or surface we have the product range for you. Available in an array of sizes to suit everything from your domestic project, professional trade contract or as a white label product. Choosing from ready mixed or powdered adhesives has never been easier.

When mixed with water powdered adhesives mix in seconds, are easy to prepare and apply effortlessly. Suited for hanging all varieties of wall coverings from heavy embossed, washable, blown, textured vinyl and even polystyrene tiles. Combine with high tack for those difficult surfaces.

The range comes mixed with a powerful fungicide to prevent mold growth.

Why Choose Hydropak

Hydropak are experts in the construction chemicals industry. With an impressive portfolio of UK and European market leaders, our aim is to help grow already well-established brands, and increase their market share, whilst also bringing innovative products to the market that will benefit the construction industry. Our dedicated team of experts can help diversify your brand, add quality and increase revenue.

Technical Knowledge

Our team of dedicated development chemists have over 50 years’ worth of experience working within the construction chemicals industry.

Industry Expertise

Not only do we keep up with market trends, we often lead them. Alongside trends we ensure we are always up to date with any new laws or regulations effecting the market.

Contract Packing

Our state of the art packaging and bottling plant can handle a variety of liquids and solids to be packed in a size suitable for your requirements.


From the first stages of development we test and reformulate to ensure the highest performance in all products we produce.